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Case Reviews

Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (previously Serious Case Reviews)

The Safeguarding Children Partnership (SCP) is responsible for initiating a Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR) in circumstances where there has been a death or serious injury to a child, abuse or neglect is known or suspected, and there are opportunities for learning in relation to inter-agency working.

The purpose of the Review is to:

  • Establish whether there are any lessons to be learnt from the case and from the way in which local professionals and organisations worked together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.
  • Identify clearly what those lessons are, how they will be acted on, what is expected to change as a result and within what timescale; and
  • As a consequence, improve inter-agency working to better safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

Cheshire West Published Case Reviews

Thematic Review into Non-Accidental Injuries to Children under 1 year – Published 7th February 2022

This report was commissioned by the Safeguarding Children Partnership following injuries to two infants whilst in parental care. The review was written by Independent Author, Paul Sharkey.

Family X – Published 24th May 2021

Key Issues: Neglect, Elective Home Education, Families who avoid services, Safeguarding Adults with Care and Support Needs, Childhood obesity.

This report was commissioned by the Safeguarding Children Partnership and Local Safeguarding Adult Board as it involved two children and an adult with care and support needs. The review was written by Independent Author, Maureen Noble. A series of practitioner briefings were held in March 2021 to share the learning from this review.


The Safeguarding Children Partnership and all its member agencies are committed to working together to tackle bullying and ensure that children are kept safe. We recognise that schools cannot do this alone.

Practice Learning Reviews (PLRs)

Cheshire West and Chester SCP undertakes ‘Learning Reviews’ for cases that do not meet the criteria for a Local Safeguarding Child Practice Review, but that nonetheless offer an opportunity for investigation to ascertain facts and lessons to be learnt.

Making a referral for a case review

The Practice Improvement Group of the SCP will consider referrals for Learning Reviews. A Rapid Review Panel is convened, made up of members from the Practice Improvement Group, when a referral is for a Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review. There are statutory timeframes in respect of holding the Rapid Review meeting and therefore it is important that referrals are submitted in a timely fashion.

Please complete and return the referral form:

The ADCS (Association of Directors of Children’s Services) have published a helpful suite of materials to support safeguarding partners in sharing expertise and good practice in the particularly complex area of Serious Case Reviews. Together these materials are essential reading about the history of how the processes of reviewing serious cases have evolved and includes practical advice and guidance on some of the complex issues involved in multi-agency child protection, managing the public and political responses to serious incidents, and, crucially, how best to identify and disseminate learning in a timely and appropriate fashion.

Learning from Case Reviews and Audits