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Useful websites

Yoppie have a blog  that covers topics such as:-

• The link between menstrual cycles and mental health and how mood, sleep, and energy levels are affected during periods.
• Understanding premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and its more severe form premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) – their physical and emotional effects, what to look out for, and how PMS and PMDD symptoms mimic other mental health conditions.
• Useful self-care tips and wellbeing advice during your cycle – how the right diet, exercise, emotional and stress management practices help, and other useful advice and resources for women.

You can find out more info here!

Online Teen Speak

A fantastic resource which explains terms young people use online; abbreviations like GNOC ‘Get Naked On Camera’ and other online slang. This can not only help adults keep young people safe but breaks down social barriers.

The Hide Out

The Hide out is a domestic abuse information site for children, young people, and adults. It’s packed with information and has interactive games that help young people learn about domestic abuse; for example what it’s like in a refuge.

Respect Not Fear

Respect not fear was created in consultation with young people from Nottinghamshire. The site is targeted at young people and includes; information, quizzes, games, personal stories, and advice on staying safe. Young people in Cheshire East commented positively on the content although did not like the design. It’s a good site to access though with easy to use navigation.

BAVA website

Bristol Against Violence and Abuse is a local authority domestic abuse site, young people like it because of the clear navigation on the front page and it covers all the different types of abuse; CSE, forced marriage, and much more. Each topic page is full of information, a personal  story, and downloadable leaflets. Be aware that some numbers provided on this site are for Bristol. At the top of the page is a small tab labelled professionals which has a wide range of resources listed included Spiralling which has been reviewed in the resources section.

Love is Respect

This site is also American so the contacts on the pages are not useful. Although it is full of information and resources, use the navigations tabs at the top of the page. Be warned though that the font is quite small and people have feed back it can be difficult to source materials. It does have a wide range of resources ranging from healthy relationships to abusive that can be downloaded from the site and statistics. Although these statistics are America research.

Teen DV Month

Teen DV month is an awareness campaign each February in America; this is not mirrored in the UK however if you were planning on holding an awareness event you can find lots of ideas and advice on this site.

NHS live well

The NHS site is full of information, although it’s a single page with a lot of reading material. It’s quite useful to read but a little daunting if you’re looking for specific advice quickly. Young people have fed back that they wouldn’t use this site as there is too much information.

Is Your Teens Relationship Healthy?

An NHS advice article for parents so they can spot warning signs and seek help. The only issue with this site is that there is a lot of information to read at once. This article is available under ‘women’s health’ so Father’s may have trouble locating without the direct link.


Shine is an NHS sexual health service for young people. This site directs young people to local Shine clinics and workers. The site has basic information on many different areas of relationships from sexual orientation to safe sex and an information page on teenage relationship abuse. There is also a professionals and carers section which provides details of Shine’s service and their training packages. This site does not include resources to use with young people.

Young Minds

Young Minds is a metal health and well being site. It contains personal stories on a range of topics including cyber bullying and abuse but does not provide information on these topics. This site is useful though for helping young people to recover their mental health after abuse and feedback from young people has been positive because of the clearness of the site and accessible navigation.

Rise Above

Rise above is a site for teenagers that covers many areas of life they might be worried about. It’s clear precise information presented through videos and articles. Young people particularly like the games section that also promotes learning.

Teens Health

Teens Health is a site that covers all topics of teen health from substance misuse and sex, to illnesses and diseases. The information is all presented in articles so some young people may find it difficult to take in.

GO Sexual Health

This is the site to find out about all sexual health services in Cheshire East and West, GOSH is the new service which merges the RUSURE and GETTESTED websites. You can use this site to find out about clinics, request postal testing kits, and find more information about sexual health and keeping safe.

A young person’s committee was created as part of the commissioning service in Cheshire East, and their voice was an integral part of developing this new service.