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Policies and Procedures

Pan-Cheshire Safeguarding Procedures

Cheshire West LSCB has signed up to the Pan-Cheshire multi-agency safeguarding procedures:

You will find some procedures in here that were previously local to Cheshire West such as, Bruising in Non-Mobile babies.

Local Safeguarding Procedures

The policy and practice standards group  (PPS) have developed a good practice safeguarding policy checklist for all agencies and organisations. This is to assist agencies and organisations when developing or refreshing their safeguarding policy.

In addition to assist agencies and organisations the PPS sub-group offers a facility to review and offer advice in relation to safeguarding policies (at two set points in the year). We ask that any safeguarding policies submitted for review are sent to together with the completed checklist above. It remains the responsibility of the organisation to develop, review and act on any advice from the LSCB in relation to their Safeguarding Policy.