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Child Protection and Child in Need

Child Protection Procedures

The SCP operates multi-agency safeguarding and child protection online procedures.

Child Protection Conference and Core Group Meeting Templates

Guidance for GPs on Child Protection

The General Medical Council has published guidance for GPs on their role in the child protection system and the responsibilities of all doctors.

Child Protection Standards

Transfer of Children on Child Protection Plans & Children in Need– Regional Agreement/Procedures

There is a regional agreement for the transfer arrangements between authorities for children on child protection plans and children in need.

Challenge Process

This guidance on the Challenge Process has been developed to ensure that all professionals are aware of the process and to ensure that any challenge made by child protection conference chairs in the safeguarding and quality assurance unit is appropriate, measured and results in practice improvement and better outcomes for children. It should be read in conjunction with the Pan Cheshire Safeguarding Children Partnerships Escalation Policy.