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Missing children

Missing from home or care

Children who are missing from home are unhappy, vulnerable and may be at risk of harm as a consequence of their need for food and shelter or from the people with whom they come into contact. Risks can include physical harm, sexual exploitation, drug abuse, and involvement in a range of other criminal activities. These risks apply whether the child is missing from their own family home or where children become missing while they are looked after by the local authority. The primary consideration is the welfare of the child and their safe recovery.

If a child goes missing the Pan Cheshire Missing From Home Protocol 2017 – 2019 (PDF, 4MB) must be followed.

For more information and access to the necessary forms please refer to the Pan-Cheshire Procedures which can be accessed via the following links:

Railway Children Charity have created a downloadable education pack aimed at teachers and youth professionals. The resources have been developed in partnership with senior teacher with extensive experience of working with young people with social, emotional, behaioural and mental health issues. All of the resources have been developed in line with PSHE Association guidance and have been assessed and awarded the PSHE Quality Mark. Each corresponds to a Key Stage 2, 3 or 4 lesson.

The resources are designed to help young people understand the risks of running away, and identify safer alternatives and people who may be able to help them. The pack can be downloaded here 

Children Missing Education

Information and procedures to follow in respect of Children Missing Education