Sexual Abuse

Sign, symptoms and effects

Find out more about the signs, symptoms and effects of sexual abuse:

Free eLearning course from The Centre of Expertise on child Sexual Abuse.

This introductory eLearning course -Identifying and responding to intra-familial child sexual abuse – is designed for anyone working with identify concerns and build knowledge and confidence in how to respond to support both the children and their wider family. It was created both for those without any training on child sexual abuse, or as a helpful refresher for experienced professionals working with children across social work, policing, education, healthcare and beyond.

We know there is often currently limited and patchy training offered to professionals across all services, specifically addressing child sexual abuse. In the case of intra-familial child sexual abuse this is particularly worrying, when research suggests abuse by a family member can be more serious and chronic, often lasting many years (Karsna and Kelly 2021). It is really important that all professionals working with children are able to identify and respond to concerns of child sexual abuse, especially in a home setting. We hope this eLearning can help with those first steps.

In total it should take no more than 90 minutes to complete and can be undertaken in sections.

It consists of three engaging, accessible modules, with interactive tasks, video explainers and a final assessment.

To access the e-learning click on the link eLearning – CSA Centre