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  • NEW Modern Slavery: A Child Focus Modern slavery involving children is a complicated topic. Not only is it complex to deal with in the practical sense, it is emotionally challenging. For some children, you could be the first step to a way out of their current situation. Your role is therefore to identify, safeguard and ensure potential child victims of modern slavery are referred into the National Referral Mechanism (NRM).

    This course is aimed at all safeguarding partners in England and Wales. Designated organisations such as local authorities and police have a statutory responsibility to notify the Home Office if they encounter a suspected victim of modern slavery. It will also provide useful context to other First Responders seeking to understand more about the risks children may face.

  • Identifying and Responding to Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse  eLearning – CSA Centre This course is for those without any training on child sexual abuse, or as a helpful refresher for experienced professionals working with children across social work, policing, education, healthcare and beyond.


  • ICON e-learning

This training is designed to equip you with the knowledge, information and skills that you   will need to discuss ICON: ‘Babies cry, you can cope’ with parents and carers

The training will help you to:

    • Share the message that crying in babies is normal
    • Support parents/carers to soothe their baby
    • Support parents to cope with a baby’s crying
    • Understand more about Abusive Head Trauma

To access the course, click on the link below, using the supplied login details:

Username: ICON
Password: ICONPORTAL20

  • Safeguarding Disabled Children and Young People – This session will describe why disabled children and young people are vulnerable to abuse, explore how to respond where abuse is suspected and offer guidance on how to build the resilience of disabled children and young people and their families[divider]
  • Child Sexual Exploitation – Although the course is aimed at parents, safeguarding professionals will also find course a valuable source of information to: find out more about child sexual exploitation; learn the signs and indicators of when a child might be being exploited; understand the impact child sexual exploitation can have on families and know what to do if you suspect a child might be at risk of this abuse[divider]
  • Brook Child Sexual Exploitation has been designed for use by all staff in healthcare settings – from doctors and nurses to receptionists, paramedics, and pharmacists. Developed by Brook and funded by the Department of Health, the information is designed to help healthcare staff in preventing, identifying and responding to child sexual exploitation[divider]
  • Forced Marriage – This online course has been developed with the Forced Marriage Unit of the Foreign Office and aims to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and inform you of the correct actions to take should you suspect someone is at risk[divider]
  • Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking safeguarding children to increase awareness and highlight the specific support needs of trafficked children[divider]
  • Female Genital Mutilation – The training will help a wide range of professionals to identify and assist girls who are at risk of FGM. A free online safeguarding training course developed for the Home Office by Virtual College[divider]
  • Prevent awareness eLearning – Prevent safeguards people at risk of radicalisation in a similar way to safeguarding processes designed to protect people from gangs, drug abuse, and physical and sexual abuse. This training is for people working in sectors covered by the Prevent duty, such as education, health, local authorities, police, prisons, probation and youth justice[divider]
  • ACT – Action Counter Terrorism e-learning -ACT Awareness e-Learning is a new counter terrorism awareness product designed for all UK based companies organisations – and now the general public.  Free to use, the course can be divided into short sections. However it takes just 45 minutes in total to complete – 45 minutes that could save lives. Cheshire West and Chester Council staff are asked to access this course via iLearn so that a record of completion is held[divider]
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health – MindEd has e-learning courses on Self-Harm & Risky Behaviour; Bullying & the impact on the child; Introducing Child Development and Flashbacks, Trauma & Bullying[divider]
  • Suicide – The training will teach you how to recognise the warning signs and safeguard someone that could be contemplating suicide[divider]
  • Attachment Theory – Understanding the basic principles of attachment theory and its importance for practice[divider]
  • Anti-Bullying Alliance – The programme was particularly developed to reduce levels of bullying of disabled children and those with special educational needs but applies to all children.